Today, Katie (Rosy Cheeks founder and baker extraordinaire) is energetic, healthy and vital. She juggles 2 gorgeous kids, one gorgeous husband, running a lovely business and teaching part time. She also squeezes in the odd yoga or weights class when she can. Phew!

But this turbo-charged, healthy country lady, was not always so healthy. Over thirty years ago she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and for most of that time she took doctors orders and mostly tried to ignore her condition wherever possible. By small degrees, her health worsened to the point where one day her doctor announced they were just waiting for her thyroid to give out altogether. That was the day she woke up. Katie’s wellness journey had begun.

Katie read, researched, talked to people and arrived at a nourishing wholefood (essentially paleo) diet as her answer. In the words of the great physician himself (we’re talking Hippocrates here people) “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. This sentiment rang true.

At a practical (pantry/easy-breakky/handy/snacky) level this meant no more gluten, dairy, processed food, no more refined sugars and hardly any carbs. Which eliminated nearly all quick fix solutions (and some days you just can’t face another carrot with your morning matcha latte). What allowable alternatives there were tended to be either unavailable in the bush, tasteless or not truly nourishing (ie. fake paleo non-food).

So Katie got a-baking. She set about creating the perfect paleo granola. It took a few goes to get right (reportedly it was like having George, Garry and Matt at the breakfast table every day for a while there), but she persisted and lucky for us she did.

Rosy Cheeks Primal Granola was born and three other drool-worthy treats followed: Primal Crunch, Primal Cheeky Choc & Primal Scatter.

Today Rosy Cheeks comestibles are available at selected lovely stockists in NSW, as well as right here at our online shop and at Farmers’ markets around Tamworth. If you’d like to become a Rosy Cheeks stockist too, just drop us a line.

Stay Strong and Healthy xxx