2 simple steps I took to start cleaning up my pantry


To change your paradigm is as simple as changing your thought patterns.

Stephen Covey

As a young teenager who was overweight and in a terrible state of mind, I was told and also whole heartedly believed that FAT WAS BAD! Whenever I was battling the weight dragon, I would always cut out the fat and/or change everything from full fat to low fat options.

Instead of eating full fat yoghurt – I ate low fat.

Instead of eating full fat cheese – I ate light or low fat cheese.

Full cream milk – Skim Milk

Simple substitutions like this, I was told, would make a difference to my weight. Yet – the weight stayed on and the mental battle raged on.

It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I began to question all the conventional ways of eating. Words like Paleo and Caveman and Low carb were being thrown around. I began reading and reading and reading and reading some more about all these different styles of eating and the words that kept on standing our were full fat/good fats/healthy fats. So I asked myself –  “What are these so called good/healthy fats?”

Over the years we have been told and conditioned to believe that fat is this disastrous food that is going to make you fat, give you a heart attack, increase your cholesterol and make you really UNHEALTHY. After what I have been researching, I now strongly believe and have a firm understanding that we all need to change our paradigm (our way of thinking) and start realising and believing that the right sorts of FATS are healthy for us.


In fact, when eaten as part of a nutrient-dense diet and obtained from the highest-quality sources (think grass-fed, pastured, and organic), saturated fat actually makes you healthier. –

See more at: http://whole30.com/2016/03/animal-oils-1/#sthash.B0oJiQlc.dpuf

As a real food advocate these are the good fats/oils that I stock in my house and the bad fats that I do my best to avoid (in pre made foods) and don’t stock in my pantry.

Good fats                                                                               Bad Fats

Avocado                                                                                   vegetable oil

olive oil                                                                                    canola oil

macadamia oil                                                                        margarine

sesame oil                                                                                sunflower

clarified butter                                                                       peanut oil

nuts and seeds (raw form or activated is best)

fatty fish (salmon is my favourite)


There are a number of bloggers that I follow who go in-depth to the science behind it all. The Paleo Mom and Eat Drink Paleo have some great clear discussions that will give you the scientific aspects. When I read posts from these two ladies, it seems that they are saying the so called ‘bad fats’ are made with chemicals and in ways that turn the original product into something toxic. I know if I read the back of the labels on margarine or butter they show you that there are so many hidden extras that are NOT healthy.


butter ingredients
What I bought in the past

When you have discovered the ICKY science behind the foods that you would would have traditionally cooked with you won’t want to buy it. I believe that the education into how foods are made automatically changes your mind set – mine did on fat. I now realise that eating healthy fats is actually helping my body fuel itself and keep the cogs turning and the body and mind humming.

Once I was armed with better knowledge, I went straight to the cupboard and did two simple things  –

  1. Threw it out! I simply made the change from toxic man made fats to good/healthy fats. I went to my cupboard and  threw out the peanut oil, vegetable and canola oil that was in my cupboard. I also threw out the margarine and finished off the soft spreadable butter (which my hubby was not happy about!)
  2. Replaced it! I then bought olive oil,  coconut oil, macadamia oil and went straight back to buying plain butter with only 2 or 3 ingredients on the back (which I admit takes a little bit of getting use to the texture but I believe that it is well worth it)

You know there is always this big hype around food and knowing and understanding what is best for our bodies. There is a lot of emphasis thrown around that you must eat the best of the best in all facets of life. The simple fact of it is (and living in rural NSW) that these foods are not always readily available, accessible or even within our budgets. I believe that as long as you are making the best choices that you can afford, then no-one can ask for anything better!

Keep up the good work and remember that the small changes in life WILL make a difference.

Stay Strong and Healthy

Katie xxx

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