Why I use coconut oil (and other coconut product out there)

I LOVE coconut oil!

I love to eat it by itself

put it on my skin

cook with it

bake with it

make chocolate with it


Why do I NEED to have coconut oil in my life?

Why not should be the question!

WHY – I want to have a healthy thyroid, eat food that is going to benefit me in one way or another, have no guilt when I add it to my food, know that my family is eating the best!

We all know that coconut oil over the years has been given a bad wrap. The fact that it is high in saturated fats has led people to believe that it should be off your shopping list.

I believe that good quality coconut oil should be on every bodies shopping list. Why? it is easy to use and great tasking but most importantly it has a magnitude of health benefits.

  • Makes you skin glow- it is my daily moisturiser straight from the jar
  • Antinflammatory – what a bonus for those of us with inflammatory diseases (I hate that word)
  • Immune system booster – Coconut is known for its antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial elements.
  • Brain function – fatty acids -The cholesterol found in coconut is the good type!
  • Easy digestion
  • Not stored – used for energy! Coconut does not create that spike in my BSL at all.
  • Great for thyroid – Wellness Mama goes into detail about the positive effects of the medium chain triglycerides that coconut oil has on the body with research to back it up. This is another reason that I have changed my diet to include coconut oil everyday. Anything I can do to support my thyroid and have it functioning effectively for as long as possible.

The list goes on. The easy reads about the benefits of coconut can be found here and here.

There is a magnitude of information around coconut and the benefits that all the different products can have on the body – from the inside to the outside!

Coconut oil should be part of your everyday diet. Don’t be afraid of the fats – ensure you eat the best without over indulgence! Make sure that you try different brands too. I’m not sure why, but some taste soooo much better than others. I love the flavour of Coconut Essence brand. It is easy to access, tastes great and is my choice of oil.

Make sure that next time you go to the shops make sure that you have added coconut oil to your shopping list. it is available in my local small town grocery store so you should be able to find some near you. if not, ASK for it.

Go now! Pop it on your list so you don’t forget.

Coconut Pantry Staples in my home

  • coconut milk and cream (BEWARE – read the label for extra ingredients)
  • cold Pressed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil
  • organic coconut flour
  • unsweetened coconut flakes
  • organic unsweetened shredded coconut
  • coconut butter
  • coconut water

Let me know what is your favourite coconut product is and if there are any other products I could add to my pantry?

Next on my list is to try coconut oil on my skin. I’ll let you know how this progresses.

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