2 Ingredient Brekky Pod

Well, I stumbled across this new way to eat my Rosy Cheeks Primal Granola for Brekky.

I have been to a few markets to spread the word about Rosy Cheeks products. This has meant that I have had to get up super early (4am!!!!) and try to not wake the little kid lets. You all know what happens if you do that at 4am… I thought I’ll have plenty of time to eat my granola once I had set up, but the truth is that I ran short of time each market so I had to make a Plan B.

Plan B to my surprise worked out really well and was super delicious. I needed to pack something that was easy to eat and also easy to grab on my way out the door that was going to be fuss free. I thought that I would experiment and since you can make chia pods I thought well why not try and make a Primal Granola pod! and BOOM I had an incredibly fuss free brekky option that tasted amazing. The flavours of the granola soaked and spread throughout the coconut milk that I used. I have also tried it with cows milk and greek yoghurt. All beautifully scrumptious and only 2 ingredients needed. What more can busy people ask for!

2 Ingredient Brekky pod


1/3 cup Primal Granola

Coconut milk

1 jar with a screw top lid


  1. Place Granola into the jar
  2. Pour enough milk on top to cover the granola
  3. Stir the ingredients together
  4. Add extra milk after stirring if necessary


Add dried fruit or frozen berries into the jar (Frozen blueberries are always in my fridge they add an amazing flavour to everything!)

Use your choice of milk e.g. cows milk, nut milk or plain yoghurt.

Add extra chia seeds.

Have a go! Let me know what you think in the comments or tell me what you choose to do with your Granola.

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