Rosy Cheeks

Simple. Delicious. Nutritious. It’s a mantra of sorts for all us here at Rosy Cheeks. We’re that special – some might say demanding – combination of foodie + paleo, who believe that seriously healthy food must be simple and taste amazing too.

We completely love that vital, sparkly, rosy-cheeked feeling that comes from being truly healthy, and we believe it all starts with eating well. For us, that’s meant kicking refined carbs, gluten, and the general processed badness out of our pantries. And we’ve never felt better.

But it’s a busy life and sometimes we all need a quick fix. That’s why we came up with the Rosy Cheeks range of ridiculously yummy paleo granola, nibbles and biccies. All our food is hand-made, and slow-baked in small batches (in a lovely country kitchen in rural NSW no less!).

Our wholesome comestibles are all vegan, 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and of course there are no nasties here at all (not a preservative or additive in sight!). We also choose Australian-grown and organic ingredients wherever we can, so big ticks all round really.

Now when hunger strikes, you can easily lay your mitts on lovingly made, genuinely nourishing, home-baked goodies. Rosy Cheeks. Simple. Delicious. Nutritious!

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